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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The day after my last post, I just forgot to sit down and post something sometime during the day. Then the next day, I was busy, and.... So I lost momentum. Good thing I wasn't doing this for any prizes, huh? But today I got my first blog comment in months, from someone who is trying to work their way through all the NaBloPoMo blogs before the end of the month, which I thought was very kind (and probably also very challenging, considering that there are probably several hundred by now). Thanks, Sephiroth, for the nudge that got me going again, for better or for worse!

Tom has less than 13,000 words to go before he hits that magic 50,000-word requirement for winning NaNoWriMo. He is still wondering if he will have enough plot to get there without having to go back and beef it up some more, but he's 3/4 of the way to the goal number, which is FABULOUS! And it's not even halfway though the month! He goes into the studio tomorrow with his band to start recording their first CD, so that may slow things down a bit, although finishing a community theatre production didn't seem to slow him down at all, so maybe this won't either.

I'm still training my friend Tanya in Body for Life. She is doing very well, and is very committed, and I'm really proud of her. In fact, she will be here in half an hour to do her lower body workout, so I need to scoot so I can get my bike workout in first. More later!


Blogger Pappy's Fella said...

Can't give up now! You've got to do the last eight days!

Looking forward to the final posts!

Pappy's Fella

5:51 PM  

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