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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's good about November

I'm not fond of November. It's the beginning of seriously miserable winter weather here in Missouri, and that's depressing. Cold, drizzly, yucky weather. Can't see the sun. Sometimes I even forget what sunshine looks like. Today was surprisingly nice--70 degrees and sunny--but that's an anomaly for this time of year.

Despite the usual weather patterns, though, there is something to like about November. You know what that is? Peppermint ice cream.

If I were going to choose my last meal, it would end with peppermint ice cream. It's probably my favorite food, although obviously one can't live on it. The difficulty is that it's a seasonal thing. It's only available during the holiday season, which in practical terms means from November until the stores run out of the supply for that year in late January or February. I have had some of my second-favorite ice-cream flavor (mint chip) sitting in the freezer untouched for at least a month, but I went to the grocery store today hoping the season for peppermint had started, and lo and behold, there it was in the dairy case with the other specialty flavors (like Toll House cookie and cinnamon). I bought two cartons. Last year at this time I was eating so much peppermint ice cream that it was causing me to gain over two pounds per week all by itself (I worked out the calories, and it was crystal-clear why the scale was suddenly out of control). Tonight I have had just one bowl of ice cream, although I'm considering having another one before I toddle off to bed. When I showed Tom what was in the freezer, and said, "This year I'm going to pace myself," he smirked and said, "You say that every year!"

A favorite book (Drums of Autumn, from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, all of which I am re-reading with great relish), and a favorite food. doesn't get much better than this...!


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