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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally, a break!

After spending a week frantically trying to get an overdue wedding order finished, and starting NaBloPoMo in the middle of it and having ten minutes a day to post before the midnight deadline, I finally have a chance to breathe today (since I delivered the order yesterday, as I posted before). I went to bed at 2 a.m. last night instead of 6 or 7 a.m. (so that qualifies as early for me). It would have been earlier, but I went to Tom's show with him again last night, as I usually do. This was their fourth official performance, and the fourth time I have seen it (I saw the dress rehearsal but missed last Sunday's official performance because I was working on this order). Dress rehearsal was still pretty rough, even though they managed to get through it. Every performance since then was better than the previous one. Last night, despite a few pregnant pauses that weren't in the script, :) they were actually starting to approach my performance standards (I'm awfully picky!), because they bumped the pace up a notch (I've been complaining that it was dragging ever since I first saw it; this is farce, after all, and it needs to move FAST). They have two more performances--tonight and then tomorrow afternoon--and then after tomorrow's performance, they strike the set and it's over. I think that by the closing performance, the show might actually be ready to be put in front of an audience! (I do have very high standards, though...!) Last night, apparently everyone in the cast was tired, because everyone just left afterwards, instead of a group going out to dinner/breakfast/snack (whatever you want to call a meal eaten at 1 a.m.). That's the first show in the run that hasn't been followed by a group meal, so it's pretty unusual. I imagine people will have more energy for that tonight, though, since they will have a chance to rest up with today being Saturday.

My plan for what's left of today (before I go to the theatre with Tom for tonight's show) involves going to the library to pick up the books they're holding for me (I'm in the library picking up/returning books at least once a week; I go through a lot of books! Tom goes through some of those too...), returning a call from my mother to discuss arrangements for Christmas (that will probably take an hour, as we both have trouble getting OFF the phone once we start talking), making up a menu for the next week and a grocery list for doing the shopping tomorrow, lettering the four additions/changes to the order I delivered yesterday that my client has since e-mailed to me, checking over the certificates that arrived a day or two ago (while I was in the throes of trying to finish that wedding order) that I will be lettering this coming week, and starting work on the place cards for a different wedding that is a week from now. Exciting stuff, huh? Tom would probably tell me I'm once again planning three days' worth of work (for completion in the three hours before I need to be ready to go to the theatre). Hey, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. At least I bumped the grocery shopping (a two-hour trip, probably, since the driving alone will take over an hour) to tomorrow!

I'm finding it to be a somewhat peculiar experience, this blogging-every-day business. Usually I only post when I have something in particular on my mind that I think is worth putting out there. With NaBloPoMo, I'm obligated to post every day whether or not I feel I have anything to say that someone might find interesting. I always have plenty to say :) , but I don't always feel it's worth the trouble of sharing. A lot of times it's just my self-absorbed nonsense. However, to me the whole blog experience is analogous to walking down a residential street after dark, and looking in the uncurtained windows while walking by the various houses. One sees glimpses of other people going about their lives, at home in their private worlds, and there's a certain sort of vicarious thrill to that. It's not that you're spying on people without their permission--if they didn't want to be seen, they would close their curtains--but you're seeing them in their private spaces without them seeing you in return (unless you choose to make yourself known).

And now, for something completely different....

I'll close with a comment I made to my piano teacher this week. We were talking about attitudes (we talk about a lot of different topics during my lessons, some of which actually have to do with playing the piano! :) ). I said that my take on life doesn't involve seeing the glass as half-full or half-empty. I see the glass as broken.


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