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Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

So, Wednesday evening we were out for a walk in short sleeves and were comfortable, and Thursday (yesterday) afternoon there were icicles hanging from the roof and an inch of sleet on the ground. By this morning there was so much snow and ice that Tom's car got stuck at the end of the driveway when he was trying to leave for work, and half an hour's work with shovels and sand and other winter implements was required to extract it. Now (Friday afternoon) it has not only finally stopped precipitating, the sky is that crystalline blue you only see after storms. Hopefully the sunshine will melt off some of the ice. It's going to continue to be cold for at least the next few days, though. But right now, I'm looking out the window, and despite everything, I have the opportunity to enjoy the sight of the ice on the trees sparkling in the sunlight. I wonder if my camera can handle this cold....

The muckety-mucks at Tom's employer decided to break tradition (XYZ Company is always open!) by sending everyone home at noon yesterday. However, they announced this with an e-mail message sent to 12:36 p.m. How nice. In related news, Tom generally takes the winter supplies out of his car for the summer, and he discovered when he went to his car yesterday (after they were dismissed early) that the ice scraper hadn't found its way back into the car yet, so to get the ice off the windows, he used...a CD case. He said it actually worked pretty well. I wouldn't rush out and buy one just for that purpose, though. :)

Last night everything in town was shut down because of the weather, so Tanya didn't come over to work out (we rescheduled for Saturday), Tom didn't bowl (now he's bowling twice a week), and he didn't go watch the boxing match of a protege of a boxing-professional friend (also rescheduled for Saturday). We stayed home and looked out the windows periodically and thought about how glad we were not to be out in that weather. Tom worked on the cover for his NaNo book (which came out rather nice, I think) and I put together cookie dough (for the cookies I'll be baking this afternoon for a benefit for my favorite charity, the St. Charles Humane Society [a no-kill shelter]) while talking to Tanya on the phone. Tanya and I had a fine chat about various things sexual in the context of discussion of her current class in human sexuality (part of her studies for her bachelor's degree). No, you're not getting any personal details about our conversation; you can just forget about that. She says she's probably the oldest person in the class, which is probably why she makes by far the most comments of any student in the class. I remember when I was college-aged, and how embarrassed I was at the time about discussions regarding anything of that nature (especially in class! Or in front of any person of the opposite sex! EEEK!). Now I'm around twice that age and much more matter-of-fact about conversations about it. Whatever....

I got up when Tom left this morning, even though I was still tired, because I didn't think I could go back to sleep. Since then I've been puttering around, mostly on the internet, but I also managed to copy-edit another 25 pages of Tom's NaNo novel. I haven't yet gotten through any of my normal morning routine, so I'm still sitting here in my robe. Kind of a backward day today. I need to get cleaned up and dressed (and hopefully find time to get my exercise in before that), then finish the cookie-baking and get the products of that activity over to the shelter, plus I have a book I've got to read and get back to the library (I have it out on interlibrary loan, so the fee for lateness is 10x the usual fine). Tonight we are celebrating "Thank God It's Over!" with the other NaNo participants at a party organized by the local moderators at a restaurant, so that should be fun! Tom is taking a copy of his novel, so that will be the first chance anyone but me has had to read it (as far as I know), although the first chapter is up on his page on the NaNo site. Don't know if anyone will take the time tonight, but at least the opportunity will be there.



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