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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why librarians are like God

For some time now (as in, several years) I have been wanting to break into the wonderful world of exhibiting in art fairs in order to sell my work and hopefully actually show a net annual income of more than three figures. (You think I'm kidding? Wanna see my 1040 Schedule C?) I finally realized that one of the big problems I was having was uncertainty about what to do. I don't mean creating the art, or finding art fairs--I have a handle on that (although I could be doing better on the getting-my-creations-out-of-my-head-and-onto-the-paper business, but that's not the primary issue here). The problem is that I am mystified about what exactly I need to buy and how I go about preparing to exhibit at a fair, which is undoubtedly different than the bridal fairs I'm used to exhibiting in. I tried searching the internet, which normally gets me more information than I know what to do with, but this time no matter what keywords I searched, nothing was giving me the sort of results I was looking for. Solving this conundrum puzzled me for a while until finally it struck me--ask the reference desk at the library! Those people know EVERYTHING, or if they don't, they know how to find it out! (Don't ever mess with a librarian, because anything they want to do to you in revenge, they can figure out before you can say "electronic card catalog.")

So today's adventure involved doing just that, and I came home with a foot-high stack of books with titles like "How to Make a Living Selling Your Art." Bull's-eye! God bless capitalism and American ingenuity!