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Saturday, May 14, 2005

In the Beginning

In the beginning was the blog. And the blog was without posts, and was lifeless. Then the author said, "Let the blog have a title; let it be called 'Body for Life, the Universe, and Everything.'" And it was so. Then the author said, "Let the blog contain pictures, and links to pictures, even pictures of the author in a bathing suit." And it was so. Then the author said, "Let the blog be filled with posts; with words of every shape and kind, and with thoughts both mundane and profound. Let the bandwidth be filled with discussions of ideas of every sort, and let cyberspace teem with the influences of Douglas Adams, George Lucas, Elizabeth Peters, Janet Evanovich, William Shakespeare, Madeleine L'Engle, and thinkers of every attitude and humor." And it was so, and the author saw that it was good.

Reader response was indeterminate, however. And, just like a certain deity who caught Adam and Eve having an apple break five minutes after being told that the apples were for tomorrow's party, and wondered whether it would have been better to wait until next year's model for the debut of the free-will option, the author had second thoughts about spending precious time typing in thoughts that others might see as rubbish. Thus was triggered the internal debate common to every writer of more than a paragraph since Moses. That is, the one containing world-weary phrases such as, "Who really cares about this anyway?" and"Will this sentence make sense to anyone without a Ph.D. in logic?" and "I would be better off spending some quality time with my pillow."

But...the author pressed on, regardless. Through rain and sleet and dark of night...trudging through the snow (uphill both ways, of course), to post to the blog, doing an author's sworn duty, regardless of whether the blog, over which so much agony had been spent in choosing each lovingly posted word, would ever be read by anyone other than a single soulless bureaucrat in a stuffy office lit only by a bare bulb dangling from the ceiling, or would suffer an even worse fate: to be filed, unread and unlamented, in a dusty corner of cyberspace, never again to see the warm light of the flickering monitor....


Blogger grouchmuffin said...

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. You have a great start!! I've been doing pretty well keeping up w/ mine. Just hope I can remain focused on all this healthy stuff I'm doing for me. Best wishes to you as well!Here's to healthy, sexy thirty-somethings! =) Hugs, grouchy

3:40 PM  

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